Janine Bush


I attained a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy in the picturesque town of Albany Western Australia, where I have lived for many years. I have been drawn to using natural medicine for ailments for as long as I can remember, particularly with my children as they were growing up. Five of my six children are now adults and I enjoy spending time with my three grandchildren, especially in my Herb Garden.


Janine Bush is a local Naturopath in Albany Western Australia

The body has a wonderful ability to right itself, given the necessary dedication, time and care required. Having said this, chronic health conditions ail many people, including children. My purpose and intention is to gently and safely navigate such times, together with those who wish to improve their Health and Wellness naturally. Through the use of Herbs and Nutritional Supplements we will address diet and lifestyle factors that may be a block to your optimal health.

Bowl of Avocardos
Getting creative with nutritional food - mango salad with lime
Bright and balanced health food platter
Nutritional raspberries and strawberries.
Basket of fresh herbs from the garden.
Collection of yellow, red and orange fresh vegetables
Basket of fresh herbs from the garden.

I am open to working alongside conventional Medicine, as this is often necessary for some patients.

I am passionate and excited about the body’s ability to heal itself. To book a consultation and see if we are the right fit, click on the link below.

Raspberry and shaved almond porridge

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Revamped nutritional porridge with fruits


Treatments are personalised for you and your circumstances.


Artichokes from the garden on wooden chopping board


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